Add an Artistic Touch to Your Skin with Henna Designs Applied in London

People choose skin art for a variety of reasons: as a form of self-expressions; as a window into their personality; or to look effortlessly cool. Whatever your reasons, our henna application will achieve the desired effect. At Heavens Salon and Spa in London, we apply stunning henna patterns and designs, spreading the word about this beautiful form of skin art.

Price List


Simple Designs (One Hand) (15 Minutes)


Half Back Designs (45 Minutes)


Half Leg Designs (45 Minutes)


Half Arm and Hand Designs (45 Minutes)


Simple Designs (Two Hands) (30 Minutes)


Full Back Designs (1 Hour 30 Minutes)


Bridal Designs (2 Hour 30 Minutes)


Contact us now, in London, to discover more about the beauty of henna skin art.